MARatón: A investigación mariña contada en 8 minutos science dissemination contest was held on May 7-8th  in the Tinta Negra bar, Vigo.

Tania Ballesteros, a technician at the Toralla Marine Science Station, won the I edition of the MARatón contest with her exhibition titled «No mes de maio…Falemos do carallo de mar!«, competing with other seven participants in the first edition of the contest, which was celebrated yesterday and before yesterday in the Tinta Negra bar, Vigo. She is part of a research project in which staff of the Ecimat (Marine Research Center of the University of Vigo, CIM), the CIMA (Centro de Investigaciones Mariñas of the Xunta de Galicia) and Anfaco-Cecopesca analyse holothuria species biology. The initiative of this contest was conceived by the Marine Genetic Resources Laboratory and the CIM in order to disseminate in just eight minutes and to a non-specialized public, the work carried out by different researchers working on marine science. 

Ballesteros is a researcher hired under the project «Estudo da bioloxía, status poboacional e diversidade xenética da holoturia na ría de Vigo», which has as general objective to broaden the knowledge about holothuria (Holothuria forskali) in all aspects that are most relevant for its fishing management, as well as establish synergies and lines of work with the interested agents, in order to design the necessary research and collaboration lines.

Additionally, David Santos, a student at the Telecommunication Engineering School of Universidade de Vigo, with his presentation «Ruido submariño na ría de Vigo» and Andrea Muras, of the Aquaculture and Biotechnology Group of the Univerisdade de Santiago de Compostela with her talk «Quorum Sensing: a incrible historia de Vibrio fisheri e o calamar hawaiano«, reached the second and third prize, respectively. Fisheries governance, marine microbiology, bacterial feeding, or biological nitrogen fixation in the Vigo estuary are other topics present on the competition. The event was characterized by the diversity of research profiles, including both students and research staff from the universities of Vigo and Santiago de Compostela, as representatives of private companies.

Marine Genetic Resources lab would like to thank all participants for their hard work and all the public who attended and participated in this first edition. We are looking forward to having more editions in the future.

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