Our team member Manuel Nande Dominguez gave on Tuesday 20 the theoretical and practical course «Strengthening capacities for the production of marine copepods in the larval feeding of the Peruvian grunt (Anisotremus scapularis, Tschudi 1846)  for restocking purposes for the National University Jorge Basadre Grohmann (UNJBG)».

In this context, Dr. Manuel Nande visited the university authorities of the UNJBG, including the Vice-Rector for Research, Dr. Héctor Rodríguez Papuico, accompanied by a delegation of the Msc. Luis Antonio Espinoza Ramos, Lic. Jordan Huanacune Pilco, both representatives of the project that allows the presence of Dr. Nande in the UNJBG; the Head of the Office of National Cooperation and Academic Exchange, Dr. Silvia Quispe Prieto and the REDISUR exchange teacher, Marleny Peralta Ascue.

According to the information provided by the Msc. Luis Espinoza Ramos, the training is part of the Project Strengthening capacities for the production of marine copepods in the larval feeding of white seabream for reforestation purposes by the National University Jorge Basadre Grohmann, winning subproject of the National Program of Innovation in Fisheries and Aquaculture (PNIPA).

The training course takes place from November 19 until November 30 in the auditorium of the Professional School of Fishing Engineering from nine in the morning. The training is aimed at students, teachers, artisanal fishermen and interested public.

Source: http://www.unjbg.edu.pe/noticia/noticia.php?n=3023&d=0

More info: http://www.unjbg.edu.pe/noticia/noticia.php?n=3035&d=1




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