Last week our PhD student María Fernández-Míguez (UVIGO) and her supervisor Montse Pérez (IEO, Aquaculture Unit) attended  the International Symposium on Marine Sciences-ISMS, celebrated in the Auditorio Mar de Vigo (Spain).

The ISMS is one of the most important conferences on Marine Sciences in Spain which is promoted by the Conference of Deans of Marine Sciences and by the Universities they belong to. That event has been held biannually since 2007 and brings together several symposia and congresses of diverse Marine Sciences.The 6th edition was celebrated in Vigo from 20-22th of June and gathered six international reference symposiums for the first time: ISMSEOFSIQUIMARREDIBALISC-CDM, and the Workshop «Patrimonio Cíes».

María had the opportunity to present two research studies which she is currently working on for her Ph. D. thesis. Firstly, she submitted a poster about THE IMPACT OF OVERFISHING ON THE GENETIC EFFECTIVE POPULATION SIZE OF THE EUROPEAN HAKE Merluccius merluccius, which analyzed the genetic consequences of overfishing and the current genetic status of the hake fishery. Secondly, she gave an oral presentation about the GENETIC STRUCTURE OF THE EUROPEAN HAKE Merluccius merluccius: FUNCTIONAL TAGS VERSUS NEUTRAL MARKERS, which analyzed the maintenance of the genetic split between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic hake subpopulations either by geographical barrier or by selective factors such a temperature and salinity.

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