Our PhD student María Fernández-Míguez was selected (along with 31 Spanish researchers) to take part in the dissemination contest: “Somos científicos: sácanos de aquí”.

The competition involved 85 schools distributed from Pujato (Argentina) to Palma de Mallorca and from Cedeira to Melilla (Spain). Through this innovative idea  students had the opportunity to ask researchers about anything (environmental concerns, healthy nutrition, academic decisions, etc.) and also vote for their favourite scientific disseminator.

From the NOFIMA company located in Tromsø (Norway), where María is doing her first predoctoral stay, she participated in the «Food Zone Project» from 16 to  27 April 2018 («Somos Científicos» April edition). During the contest, María explained our research fields, especially the importance of Aquaculture to reduce overfishing and genetic damage, and answered questions from 10 to 18 years old students. Six researchers were involved in «Food Zone Project» answering question from 395 students registered in 23 chats (See activity report). After two weeks of communication the most voted scientists were revealed and María won talking about Food for the Future, endowed with 500 euros to organize outreach events and to continue spreading their science to the world.

María and ReXenMar want to thank the organizers Obra social La Caixa and FECYT for the opportunity to participating in such an exciting event.


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Gracias de vuestra ganadora, ¡María!

A bióloga da UVigo María Fernández, unha das gañadoras do certame Somos Científicos






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