On October 24 and 25, the course «Innovation and sustainability in the aquaculture sector: good practices, new technologies and eco-efficiency» was held at the ECIMAT, organized by ARIEMA Energía y Medioambiente S.L., with the support of Centro de Investigación Mariña of the University of Vigo and Campus do Mar.

The course is part of «SEMILLA. Formación y asesoramiento al sector agrícola y acuícola en sostenibilidad, eficiencia e innovación» project and had the main goal of training workers and students about new and sustainable techniques in the aquaculture sector. During two days, the course addressed remarkable issues such as positioning of the sector, R+D+I priorities, energy efficiency, sustainable aquaculture, therapeutic products, nutrition, waste and animal health, with the aim of providing the sector’s workers with knowledge that will increase their environmental awareness contributing new models that increase the sustainability of aquaculture production.

We strongly recommend it for PhD candidates as this knowledge is essential to improve the use of respectful and less polluting techniques in the future.

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