On Tuesday February 5th, our predoctoral researcher María Fernández will present at the “Café con Sal” conference cycle (ECIMAT) the lecture “Hakes of the world: clarifying the phylogenetic status of five candidate species“, in which she will lay out the methodology and some of the results of her doctoral thesis.

Diversification of marine species and aquaculture modernization through innovation are essential for the development and sustainability of aquaculture. The first barrier facing the cultivation and conservation of European hake is its controversial species-specific identification, since there are no reliable diagnostic keys inherent to all specimens of a given species. In the last decades, a major breakthrough has been achieved in the phylogeny of Merluccius spp. using different morphological and genetic targets. Nonetheless, the phylogenies constructed so far neither comprised all the extant candidate taxa nor revealed their exact fishing location to reconstruct a comprehensive phylogeny of the genus.

During the conference, María will present the complete phylogenetic structure of the genus Merluccius spp. which includes all the candidate forms and morphotypes described so far in this genus, the methodology used, entailing genetic targets with different evolutionary characteristics, and different phylogenetic reconstruction strategies.

The conference will take place at the conference room of the ECIMAT at 11:00h (CEST) and will be live streamed on http://tv.uvigo.es/es/directo/1.html and permanently available on CIM and UVigoTV websites.

Additionally, our visiting researcher Dr. Jorge Valdés (Universidad de Antofagasta, Chile) will also give a talk about «Climate variability and fishery resources in the Humboldt system. A look at the past from the sedimentary record» (Date: 21/03/19). 

Complete program (PDF): https://cim.uvigo.gal/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Cartel-A3_programa_Cafe_con_sal_2019-1.pdf

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