Our PhD student María Fernández-Míguez won the April 2018 edition of Somos Científicos: sácanos de aquí outreach contest. As a result, she decided to spend her prize in developing outreach activities.

Due to many students of the Bayón College ask her to meet in person, she did not hesitate to contact their science teacher, Maica, to organize an outreach activity. Both agreed that it was a good opportunity to visit the school during the Science week (December 19-22, 2018) in order to have a closer contact with the students and explain what is to be a researcher.

During her visit, María could see the school and many scientific projects that they had in hand (identification of polluting plastics in the sea, creation of a homemade microscopes, lactic fermentation to obtain yogurts, etc.).

On the other hand, the main goal of her talk was to give them little tips about professional life and especially, about the scientific one. During her talk, they learned that life is full of decisions but that it is always important to keep in mind that we must try to work in what we like. They also learned a bit about genetics and how we can apply it to Aquaculture to produce new species and even conserve the natural populations that are in the sea. Finally, the students were able to enjoy some videos about larval and fish culture (they loved seeing them in action!).
This opportunity was a way for students to value science more and see its direct applications, so we will continue working on it!

Lastly, ReXenMar would like to thank Colegio Bayón and Somos Científicos for supporting this activity.

Here you have a video that summarize the activity:




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